venerdì 26 novembre 2010

Artaq expo in BERLIN garagolo & yapwilli

The winners show their works in several exhibitions in Europe: Paris, Berlin, Brussels and Lyon.
all is full of
"all is full of" 2008 yapwilli&garagolo

10 secondi per scrivere...
mentre l'orizzonte sembra bruciare...
un cellulare come pennello che impressiona la tela del ccd

alep is a jellyfish
alep is a jellyfish
alep è medusa! yapwilli&garagolo

category light graff

1st Urban Arts Award

320 artists across the globe submitted their folios online to receive an Urban Art Award. 19 applicants successfully received an award by the ARTAQ-Jury, 4 of which received Special Jury Awards. For this achievement, the artists chosen are being exhibited in five European cities: Angers, Paris, Berlin, Brussels and Lyon.

The STATTBAD Wedding in Berlin has been chosen to host the festival for the 1st Urban Arts Awards. The festival runs from 26 November – 12 December.

Inclusive /
26 November – 12 December: Three galleries exhibiting awarded artists
26-27 November, 2-4 December, 10-11 December: Music / DJs, and Live Painting Performances
2-4 December : Movies
Music / DJs : (list in progress)
Kurtz, Gregor, Wer Monster, AKTSHN, TRIMAXIS, Stagga.
Live Painting Performances
Based on the theme ‘Freedom of Expression ’ / supported by Reporter ohne Grenzen.
(list in progress)
Ador, , Beat Gip, Bimer, Emess, Don John, Flow, Goin, Konny Steding, Le Cyklop, Macay, Matox, Mimi the Clown, MTO, N°6, SP38, Titi from Paris, Pawzant, …
The public attends on every Friday and every Saturday the performances of the artists creating alone or in group on this universal theme.
(list in progress)
Yann K : 719 ITV, Titi from Paris, Etincelles Filantes, Il y'en a, La Violence, l'Amour, Thésée, La Clinique du Dr Tran,
Pierre Louis Levacher: Rocky Zero and Pixlab kidnapping
Pawzant: In Bilnas, Finland and Cosmic Terrarium, …

Don’t miss the Opening Night!
Exhibition from november 26 to december 12
Opening Times Friday, 26 Nov 2010 / 7pm onwards
Mon 12 – 6 pm
Tues –closed, Wed -closed
Thurs, Fri & Sat / 2pm – 10pm
Sunday 12 – 6pm
STATTBAD Wedding / Gerichtstr. 65, 13347 Berlin.
Check websites for details on times and participating artists.

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